Cinematic Monologues: 5 Day Workshop

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MFI is offering a 5 day program for actors who want to enhance their visual storytelling abilities and empower themselves by adding filmmaking to their experience. Actors perform monologues of their own choosing, which will be shot by MFI cinematographers, rehearsed with MFI faculty, and directed by themselves. Not only will actors leave MFI with a beautifully shot monologue, they will also learn how to edit their work with MFI supervision. Actors will have on-camera technique training from acting coach Bob Krakower, as well as individualized rehearsals with Wendy Makkena; they will also have instruction in directing, writing, lighting and editing, with mentorship throughout the five days.

  • Cinematic Monologues:  5 Day Workshop for Actors with Bob Krakower, Wendy Makkena, Tony Spiridakis and Shannon Goldman, with opening night seminar from guest celebrity artist.
  • Actors will direct themselves in a "cinematic monologue", with material chosen or written by the actors, and edited by the actors with MFI editors guiding them through the process. We teach actors the visual storytelling process and allow them to do the work themselves. The ultimate in empowering actors. This is a perfect compliment to our 2-week Actors Gold Program, as well as a stand-alone workshop, with the same small classes and individualized attention. Hard work, nurturing, collaboration, on-set training, and support from world class faculty and staff… that is the MFI experience.
MFI actors live in the Greenport area at a location to be determined (an hour and a half from NYC.) Lodging will be age and gender appropriate with adult supervision and security. 5 DAY SCHEDULE:
  • Arrival in Greenport, New York 9AM - 10AM (Welcome packet/Check-in)
  • On-camera Technique with Bob Krakower
  • Foundation of Filmmaking with MFI cinematographers covering 3 point lighting, basic camera details, focus, exposure, audio, etc. Script analysis w/Tony Spiridakis.
  • Monologue work with Wendy Makkena
  • Editing training with MFI Post Production Supervisor
  • Tech Rehearsals w/ Shannon Goldman
  • Script Analysis w/ Tony Spiridakis
  • DAY 3 (FRIDAY)
  • Actors Shoot Monologues w/ Cinematographers
  • Crew other shoots
  • Edit monologues/evening
  • Actors Shoot Monologues w/ Cinematographers
  • Crew other shoots
  • Edit monologues/evening
  • DAY 5 (SUNDAY)
  • Actors screen monologues with MFI Faculty and Staff
  • Goodbyes and Checkout
Students will be supervised with a ratio of 5 students per 1 adult. Counselors have studied with our faculty, none are younger than 21 years of age, all outstanding role models. Along with having a personal relationship to faculty prior to coming, counselors are chosen for their ability to help students and for their talent as filmmakers. This way, they not only provide a safe environment but also support the ongoing work. Course, faculty and screening offerings subject to change at owners discretion and based on faculty and guest artists availability. Refund Policy: Upon acceptance into our program,  a space is taken from another filmmkaer, and therefore, there are no refunds.
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  • Acceptance based on talent and passion.
  • Wed. June 27th - Sun. July 1st, 2018
  • Tuition, room, all meals, all film equipment, all courses: $2,195
  • Faculty: Bob Krakower, Wendy Makkena, Tony Spiridakis, Shannon Goldman (schedules permitting)