MFI Course Offerings

2018 Summer Programs - On the North Fork of Long Island


DIRECTORS: We choose directors on ability and passion.July 1 - July 15th, 2018 (2 Wk Program)Tuition, room, all meals, all film equipment: $4,195 (*writing tutorials for writer-directors add $300)

Imagine that you have a chance to direct a short film with the guidance of professional filmmakers. IMAGINE that under the watchful eye of Tony Spiridakis, who has directed Academy Award winning actors Timothy Hutton and Richard Dreyfuss, you will develop your shooting script weeks before you even arrive at film camp. IMAGINE prepping your films as soon as you arrive with producer-director Shannon Goldman. IMAGINE being critiqued in the edit room by actor-director Tony Goldwyn. IMAGINE rehearsing with your actors, shooting on location, building a shot-list with your cinematographer, as you direct, edit, then screen your film at the Greenport theater on the last day of film camp. Can you imagine all that? Well, we will do more than imagine it. We will provide exactly that. You will have made a short film that was developed, directed, and edited by you, all under the supervision of a caring and world-class faculty. We feel confident that your two-week experience at MFI Summer Camp will be transformational.

Actors Gold Program with BOB KRAKOWER, WENDY MAKKENA

Actors: We choose actors based on talent and passion.July 1 - July 15th, 2018 (2 Wk Program)Tuition, room, all meals, and films edited by MFI: $4,195
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IMAGINE having two full weeks to work exclusively with three world renowned acting teachers: one who taught stars like Rooney Mara, John Slattery, Josh Duhamel, Laurie Metcalf, AND, one who acted with Diane Weist, Hugh Laurie, Jason Alexander and Ben Afleck. IMAGINE that along with coaching from Bob Krakower and Wendy Makkena, you were also going to be cast in not one, but TWO SHORT FILMS. IMAGINE that your two amazing acting teachers were going to stay with you through the process of shooting these films. IMAGINE that after shooting those films, you are part of an audition workshop with Academy Award Nominated actor-director Chazz Palminteri. And, IMAGINE a retreat like setting, where you will have class in a gorgeous stone mansion, with Bob Krakower. Can you imagine all that? We can do more than imagine it. We can provide this for you in a two-week intensive film program that will rock your world. Wendy and Bob have done so much on set film coaching and acting that you cannot help but have a transformational experience at MFI Summer Camp. And when you hear Chazz teach you how to make adjustments in the audition room, it will inspire you to return to New York, or Los Angeles, ready to work!

Audition Workshop with CHAZZ PALMINTERI

During 2 Week Gold Program only

Many know Chazz Palminteri from playing the powerful role of Sonny, starring opposite Robert DeNiro, in "A Bronx Tale." Or they saw him as Cheech in Woody Allen's "Bullets Over Broadway," which earned him an Academy Award nomination. We are thrilled to announce, actor-director-writer Chazz Palminteri will join MFI's Summer Film Camp faculty, and conduct a 3 hour audition workshop for our actors, after they have completed shooting their films. Chazz will also screen "Bullets Over Broadway" for MFI actors and directors, and do a question and answer afterward. Scene study, technique, script analysis classes are all essential to your process as an actor, but Chazz wanted to add this workshop to compliment the teaching and coaching that Bob Krakower and Wendy Makkena will provide during the two weeks. An actor must know how to bring all that training, and talent, and have it resonate in the room for your big auditions, and what better person to teach that than Chazz. It is our intention to give actors, and directors, access to work with class faculty, and Chazz Palminteri fulfills that objective beautifully. We believe that having Chazz share his tips on auditioning will change your life.