Screenwriting Competition

3 Pages, 2 Characters, 1 Location

Winning scripts will be produced and screened at MFI’s 2022 Summer program in Greenport, NY.


Take that idea you’ve had for years, and turn it into an original 3 – 5 page short film, keeping it focused on 2 characters, and 1 location. Known in film schools around the world as a “3-2-1”, it’s incredible to see how much “story” can fit into such a small package. In 3 – 5 pages, introduce 2 main characters with a distinctive conflict. There should be a twist, a surprising outcome, and, perhaps most importantly, characters that make us care.

1st Place: $1,000 Cash Prize

2nd Place:  $750 Cash Prize

3rd Place:  $500 Cash Prize

Rules & Terms

Deadline: April 1, 2022

Submission cost: $30

No Limit to submissions.


Dito Montiel

Director of A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and Boulevard.


Academy Award Nominated Actor for Bullets Over Broadway. Wrote and starred in A Bronx Tale.

Bobby Moresco

Academy Award Winner for Crash and producer of Million Dollar Baby. Founder of The Actors Gym.

William Finkelstein

Emmy Award Winner L.A. Law. Currently writing for CBS’s The Good Fight.

I was honored when the short film I wrote was selected to be shot at Manhattan Film Institute – Then, the experience of being the one to direct it was beyond exhilarating! The faculty is top-notch, and working so closely with them allowed me to grow as not just a writer – but as a filmmaker.

Katterina Powers

For Pete's Sake

The ability to have your writing workshopped and produced in such a controlled and safe environment is an experience I will always cherish. Working so closely with the MFI faculty, you gain an understanding of a professional writing process and see the benefits of collaboration. The MFI Screenwriting Competition gave me the tools to create coherent and unique stories, and the confidence to share them.

Emma Ridley


My summer at MFI a few years ago was one of the best experiences of my life. Having my script as a part of this year’s films, keeps me feeling like I am actively involved in this magical community. I loved the surprise of seeing what the actors and director created with the words I wrote.

Chelsea Gonzalez


2019 Winning Films

2019 Produced Submissions